Welcome to the world of automation!


SteemAuto comes with many amazing features. You can use it to schedule posts, build fanbases, create curation trails, and automatically claim your rewards.

This video was created by @nomadics

Schedule Posts:
Your time is money, so schedule your posts in advance, and with the help of SteemAuto you can publish your post whenever you want.
Write and plan in advance...leave the rest to SteemAuto.

Fanbase and Curation Trails:
Follow curation trails and automatically upvote posts that your trail upvotes, or add your favorite authors to your fanbase and automatically upvote every one of their posts. (The upvote weight can be adjusted manually) Using these two features can help maximise your curation rewards.

Claiming Rewards:
Don't have time to check your Steem blog? No worries! We can claim the post rewards for you and automatically send them to your Steem wallet.

introduction text contributed by @kingjan and edited by @carn